Nature Picture Library

Created in 2002, Nature Picture Library is a specialist photo agency for the professional market, representing more than 400 of the world's best nature and wildlife photographers.

Images and Inspiration from the Natural World:  Nature Picture Library is one of the first specialist photo agencies on world.

Based in Bristol close to the world-renowned BBC Natural History Unit, the agency represents many of the cameramen and producers working for the Unit and its collection includes many unique and unusual images relating to wildlife films like Blue Planet, Frozen Planet, Planet Earth, Big Cat Diary.

More than 400 of the world's best nature and wildlife photographer have supplied over 400,000 images covering every aspect of the natural world – wild animals, plants, landscapes from all continents, a ethical view on native peoples environmental issues, marine life, without forgetting our pet friends.  

Since June 2010 Nature Picture Library is exclusively represented in France by Eric Baccega Photo.


Submission of applications Until September 15th, 2017

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