Stefano Unterthiner, president of Jury 2014

"Since a few years, with boom of digital, we are saturated by ever more spectacular images. Personally, I would give priority to the emotional charge that can transmit a photo, its message, the search for aesthetics, creativity, commitment. A photo must not be stolen but be composed, by respecting and fully knowing the topic."

Growing up in a small mountain village in northwest Italy, Stefano Unterthiner spent his early years photographing in the Gran Paradiso National Park and trekking around the beautiful mountains of the Aosta Valley region. He began serious photography at the age of 17, went on to study zoology and, in the fall of 2000, obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

After completing his studies, Unterthiner returned to Italy where he won the prestigious "Mario Pastore" prize for best Italian young environmental journalist. Stefano decide to turn is career as a professional photographer.

Stefano is publishing in worldwide magazines and since 2009, he is a contributing photographer for National Geographic Magazine.

Submission of applications Until September 15th, 2017

Jury meeting
in late September
Good luck everyone!