New Life Eyes Camouflaged Green Bulbs Kaleidoscope Fish Art Algae Spreading Shell-less Cell Division
  • New Life

    New Life

    • Lieu : Island of Wetar
    • Pays : Indonesia
  • Eyes


    • Lieu : Port Moresby
    • Pays : Indonesia
  • Camouflaged


    • Lieu : Milne Bay
    • Pays : Papua New Guinea
  • Green Bulbs

    Green Bulbs

    • Lieu : Triton Bay
    • Pays : Indonesia
  • Kaleidoscope


    • Lieu : Bunaken National Park
    • Pays : Indonesia
  • Fish Art

    Fish Art

    • Lieu : Kai Island
    • Pays : Indonesia
  • Algae


    • Lieu : San Diego
    • Pays : United States
  • Spreading


    • Lieu : Moora
    • Pays : Indonesia
  • Shell-less


    • Lieu : Selu
    • Pays : Indonesia
  • Cell Division

    Cell Division

    • Lieu : Saumalaki
    • Pays : Indonesia

Since the emergence of life on our planet, myriad forms of life have not stopped surprising and fascinating us by the use of survival tactics. The art of camouflage is widespread among marine organisms. Many species acquire the same color as their living environment, getting to imitate mimic striking textures, and even peculiar shapes by using extensions or bumps on their skin. There are animals of the same species that manage to identify each other by their stripes or color patterns. Others camouflage their body shape or their own vital parts by using fragmented colorations. By contrast, we can also find warning colorations as a means of defense, as they warn of the extreme danger of their bodies possessing chemical defenses. In summary, these amazing and unusual strategies enable marine creatures to recognize each other, and also to warn and hide. The result of all of them is "Underwater Art".