Helping everyone return to the beauty of nature, the innocence and the depth of the surroundings.

Nature can often be hard to describe in words. Pictures can often do it better. This portal will bring you to the point where the beauty of nature will be impossible to understand without pictures.

The beauty of nature has a series of effects over us, as people. It can touch and alter our senses in a good way, but it will also build a bridge between our outer and inner worlds.

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Welcome to our nature photography portal. You can emerge yourself into a new world and discover a plethora of images that will change your perception on nature.

Capturing the beautiful wildlife out there in the smallest details.

The wildlife can be extremely fascinating. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to go out there and see it live. In fact, most people who go camping and trekking will see things that they are already familiar with. While those things are beautiful as well, people are mostly excited when it comes to animals and plants that they have never seen before.

Admiring the nature's work in the less common places.

Literally everything looks better in a natural environment. Imagine a bridge – long, sturdy and full of iron and concrete in the middle of a city. Nothing spectacular about it. Now imagine a stone bridge built hundreds of years ago in the middle of nowhere, covered in vegetation and maybe not as solid as the city bridge. Which one would you like more? Which one would make you feel more tranquil? Exactly!

Small things that people often overlook because they happen too fast.

Look at a child and see what they find happiness in. Children find happiness in jumping in a pond. They find happiness in admiring the colors of a butterfly. As an adult, you have probably forgotten about all these small things that make life beautiful. Perhaps this is the time to find your way back and explore nature in a deeper way. It may seem irrelevant at first, but you will soon notice that happiness is mostly about little things.

What this portal is about

The power of nature can be truly mesmerizing – nothing is more tranquil than its work around us.

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