Helping everyone return to the beauty of nature, the innocence and the depth of the surroundings.

Nature can often be hard to describe in words. Pictures can often do it better. This portal will bring you to the point where the beauty of nature will be impossible to understand without pictures.

The beauty of nature has a series of effects over us, as people. It can touch and alter our senses in a good way, but it will also build a bridge between our outer and inner worlds.

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Welcome to our nature photography portal. You can emerge yourself into a new world and discover a plethora of images that will change your perception on nature.

Capturing the beautiful wildlife out there in the smallest details.

The wildlife can be extremely fascinating. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to go out there and see it live. In fact, most people who go camping and trekking will see things that they are already familiar with. While those things are beautiful as well, people are mostly excited when it comes to animals and plants that they have never seen before.

Admiring the nature's work in the less common places.

Literally everything looks better in a natural environment. Imagine a bridge – long, sturdy and full of iron and concrete in the middle of a city. Nothing spectacular about it. Now imagine a stone bridge built hundreds of years ago in the middle of nowhere, covered in vegetation and maybe not as solid as the city bridge. Which one would you like more? Which one would make you feel more tranquil? Exactly!

Small things that people often overlook because they happen too fast.

Look at a child and see what they find happiness in. Children find happiness in jumping in a pond. They find happiness in admiring the colors of a butterfly. As an adult, you have probably forgotten about all these small things that make life beautiful. Perhaps this is the time to find your way back and explore nature in a deeper way. It may seem irrelevant at first, but you will soon notice that happiness is mostly about little things.

What this portal is about

The power of nature can be truly mesmerizing – nothing is more tranquil than its work around us.

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A Guide About Atomizers, Clearomizers, Coils And Cartomizers

Switching to a vaping device is considered to be a great prospect to get rid of tobacco smoking. Contrary to this, it is very difficult for a first-time vape juice buyer to pick the right vape juice like vapetasia or air factory from There are various parts in vaping devices which play an important role in maintaining the level of throat hit and taste of several flavors. Atomizers, clearomizers, and cartomizers are three main components which atomize e-liquid for creation of vapors.

Different devices you screw on e-cigarettes’ battery


Both, two and three piece e- cigarettes use atomizers as they play a great part in their ignition due to which you get to inhale the e-juice. Atomizers use the method of dripping in which you have to drip e-juice directly on the atomizer. The process of dripping provides you a genuine taste of the flavor which you are using.

For this, you must clean the atomizer from any impurity. Here you don’t have to keep e-liquid either inside the cartridge or tank for a long time duration. The e-juice which you use for the process will get burned thus you don’t have to deal with mixed odor or flavored cocktails.


One can purchase different shapes and sizes of clearomizers as they are also known to hold more liquid in comparison to atomizers and cartomizers. When you use clearomizers then there is no need to marry the bottle of flavors along with you, since you get a sufficient amount of vaping liquid. Another use of clearomizers is that when their coil gets dirty, you don’t have to throw away the tank. You can simply remove the old coil and place a new one inside.

Different types of coils which you can purchase

When you are buying a clearomizer, make sure about the total capacity of the tank and type of coil which you are planning to purchase. There are three main types of coils viz. top, bottom and multiple. It is very easy to fill up top coils as you just have to remove the top cap. Thus they are most suitable for beginners. These coils also provide a great deal of warm vape.

When you use the bottom coil, there is no need to shake or tilt the vaping device at a particular angle. Since these coils have proximity to air-holes, thus here you will get great flavor taste. While you are using a bottom coil, make sure not to use a too thick base or it can choke air-holes.

If you like to produce thick clouds and high level of throat hit, then multiple coils are the ultimate solution. Another benefit of multiple coils is that you will receive cooler vapes since the total heat of the battery gets equally distributed in every other coil.


These have a similar design like atomizers, but in contrast, they have a polyfill which is wrapped all-around a heating coil. The e-juice is soaked by a polyfill which provides it longer vape timing in contrast to the atomizer. This device carries more e-juice than atomizer and it is also very simple to rebuild it.